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Basic Package

Simple issues that take 15 minutes or less

  • Shared and most VPS backup restore

  • PHP and Apache module installations

  • Simple script install (i.e. Joomla, drupal, etc)

  • $20.00 USD One Time
    Intermediate Package

    More complicated issues that take 15-30 minutes to resolve. This request will be escalated to second line support

  • Basic PHP/Perl script troubleshooting

  • Simple Apache hacks

  • More complicated script install (i.e. phpmotion)

  • $50.00 USD One Time
    Premium Package

    Complicated server issues. This request will be escalated to systems engineer

  • Hacked server troubleshooting

  • IFRAME injections

  • PCI Complainace integration, etc

  • $150.00 USD One Time